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Take mobile e-commerce seriously


From the Cebu Sunstar:  The growth of peer-to-peer or person-to-person trading sites like,,,,,, among others, has allowed Filipinos from all the country to trade with each other. As you can scan through the various payment options, Globe GCash and Smart Money are in majority of these seller pages.

Anyone who has not looked into these two payment platforms in the past should think again. With mobile broadband becoming affordable and a growing number of Pinoys surfing through the mobile phone, there is a new opportunity to market and position the selling of product or service focusing on this growing user segment.

Globe GCash Glick (https:/, in partnership with courier company Delbros, now allows online sellers and buyers to trade with each other with ease. The system ensures buyers and sellers that a product ordered is received in good condition and in accordance with what was indicated online. In addition, payment is already secured prior to shipment, allowing proper transfer of funds after the delivery process.  Continue reading here

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Sing Songs of Christmas at Robinsons Philippines Iloilo


Sing Songs of Christmas, a musical presentation.

In the tradition of giving colorful and melodious Christmas nights to the Ilonggos, Robinsons Place Iloilo opens another big outdoor attraction this year with Sing Songs of Christmas at the Ledesma Carpark. It features all-time favorite Christmas tunes inviting the audience to sing or hum along with their familiar strain. 
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Business trend slowly shifts to online selling


My comment:  But major players like SM, Ayala, Metro, Robinsons, Island Souvenirs, CDR King and many others haven't seen the light yet in my opinion and missing a major business low cost opportunity 

China's online sales soar in Jan-Sept: govt (wonder why no news like this in Philippines?)

Philippine Star CEBU, Philippines - Despite lots of business spaces now made available around the city, the advent of the internet has made online selling now the fast growing trend in the business community.

This is due to the free advertising and no need to pay for space rentals said Tina Tan, an online business seller who sells ready-to-wear clothes and accessories through the web.

Tan said that doing business online has become very popular and since the budding of social networking sites, it makes their jobs easier and gives them a chance to have a wider market.
According to Tan, business through online is very easy especially for those that have other things to do like students like her.

She said that all they have to do is add as many contacts as they can, preferably people they know so that they would not be scammed, and immediately they have instant customers.

Val Carla Vergara, a new online business player, said that she shifted to online selling because it is a new strategy for small business players like her who wants extra income but does not need to invest on a huge capital.

Vergara said that there are so many small business players that are using the net right now for their businesses but the competition does not worry her despite having the same kinds of products like RTW’s, accessories, and toys.

She said that just like any other kind of business, it depends on the marketing strategy of the online shop owner.

Vergara explained that she sells her products cheaper than those sold in malls and she puts the difference of the prices in her site so that the customers would be able to see how much money they will be saving if they buy it from her.

She said that unlike stores in malls and also from other online entrepreneurs who has fixed prices, she lowers her prices if the customers ask for a discount and she also does this if her clients buy three or more products.

But according to some like Armida Aguilar, a college student, the pictures are not enough for her to buy a product online. Aguilar said that despite online selling becoming a fad today and saves the shoppers time from going around places looking for clothes, she still chooses to go the conventional way pf shopping because she wants to make sure that she the quality is worth the money she is paying.  Continue reading here

Robinsons opens 47th store in Talisay CEBU


Freeman Cebu November 30, 2009 CEBU, Philippines - Seeing the huge potential to set up a supermarket in the south given its growing population, Robinsons has just opened their 47th store in the country located in Talisay to further cater to the needs of the residents in the city and the nearby areas.

During the grand opening of Robinsons supermarket in South Central Square in Lawaan Talisay, Danilo Lim, Robinsons supermarket general manager shared that Cebu has always been part of their plans due to the good feedback that their two supermarkets in Cebu has reaped.  Continue reading here

Online Retail Thriving: 8% Growth Expected This Holiday Season but are Philippine merchants taking note?


From the NY Times In its State Of Retailing Online 2009 report, Forrester Research reported that the vast majority of Web retailers were not only profitable in 2008 - in a recession - but also that their overall level of profitability grew.
My commment;  But has Philippine merchants noticed the trend and are they adapting to sell worldwide?  Here is a area for growth and expansion and Filipino merchants need to take note. 

The e-commerce market is expanding, due to a combination of factors.

Also brick-and-mortar businesses are migrating more of their operations online. We also have technology advances to thank: better recommendations technology, social media, the emergence of mobile commerce.

E-commerce Continues to Grow, Despite Economy

In the State Of Retailing Online 2009 report, Forrester Research reported that retailers saw their Web divisions grow by 18% in 2008. Given that Forrester described 2008 as "one of the worst years ever" in retail, that's significant growth in online retail activity. 
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Internet supermarket booms in bad times, Selling online a golden opportunity for Filipino business


- The Internet global supermarket is booming because people and businesses are looking for bargains and new outlets in bad times, a new report says.  (My comment, Philippines has a golden opportunity for big and small businesses to embrace this technology and sell sell sell to the world.  Example is the recent Pacquiao rumble where people wanted to buy tshirts, and much more and where were the Filipino merchants like Island Souvenirs online, seems they and others are missing a golden opportunity)

And the this great global shopping mall can only expand rapidly as mobile phone use explodes, the Chinese get involved and advertisers jump in, the OECD forecasts.

But the e-trade revolution is being held back by hidden frontiers, ranging from concerns over privacy of personal information, language problems, delivery costs and taxation and regulation barriers.
As the Christmas spending spree, vital to many retailers and manufacturers around the world, gets under way, the OECD also highlights other worries for consumers.

For example, Santa Claus may never turn up with the goods, or the purchases may be defective, or payment details may be stolen.

These are among the obstacles to increased cross-border trade, paradoxically even within the European Union, which the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development lists in a report on a conference under the heading: "Empowering e-consumers."

The report found that the financial crisis had breathed new life into electronic commerce, with sales rising in Europe, the United States and China at a time when the store-based retail sector struggles as consumers' disposable income shrivels.

"The financial and economic crisis appears to be giving a e-commerce a boost as consumers search for ways to reduce expenditures by purchasing items online," the OECD said, adding: "The savings can be substantial."
It cited a study showing that shoppers in Britain, Germany and France can save 17 percent by buying electronics goods, DVDs and clothing on online trading platforms rather than in physical stores.

In the United States on-line sales for 80 retailers rose an average of 11 percent in the first quarter of the year, according to another study.

One site, Craigslist, is forecast to report sales of 100 million dollars this year, a 23 percent increase from 2008. Another platform, Amazon, had net sales of 177 million dollars in the first quarter alone, up 24 percent from the first quarter 2008.

The OECD cites a study by the Forrester research group predicting that western European consumers will buy 123.1 billion euros' worth of goods online by 2014, for an average annual growth rate of 9.6 percent.
China too has experienced a jump in online retail activity. The online auction and retail website of the country's leading e-commerce company, Alibaba Group, reported a 131 percent rise in transaction volume in February compared with a year earlier.

Helping to spur electronic commerce is the growth in mobile phone use. The number of mobile phone subscribers grew at an average rate of 30 percent a year from 1993 to 2007 in the 30 industrialised economies in the OECD.
But the OECD warned that the future of e-commerce is not entirely secure, maintaining that its fate "depends for a large part on the level of confidence that consumers have in on-line shopping."

It noted that half the cross-border complaints and disputes filed with the European Consumer Center Network stemmed from purchases made over the Internet.
"Delivery problems and dissatisfaction with the products purchased were the leading reasons for the complaints, accounting for 75 percent of the total," the OECD said.

Customers voiced dissatisfaction with non-deliveries, misrepresentation by online retail sites and difficulties contacting merchants.

While the Internet may have made it easier to buy products from foreign businesses, consumers have shown themselves to be reluctant to do so, according to the OECD, which cited language barriers, higher shipping costs, regulatory barriers and scams and misleading practices as key constraints.

Last year 33 percent of EU consumers purchased products online but only 7.0 percent bought goods from another country, the report said.

While many countries have e-commerce laws and regulations, such practices risk becoming outdated given the speed at which new products and services are created.

The study found that most countries, apart from the United States, do not have specific regulations to protect the privacy of children.

It said many online retailers ask consumers to confirm their age simply by ticking a box, with no follow-up measures to ensure that the information is accurate.

Another area of growing concern for the sector, according to the OECD, is the use of behavioral techniques that track a consumer's purchasing habits in order to tailor advertising to his or her interest.

But there is little doubt about the economic impact of online advertising. A recent study cited by the OECD found that the contribution to economic activity of online advertising amounts to 300 billion dollars in the United States. The US online advertising sector directly employs more than 1.2 million people.  Continue reading here

I just received this promotion in my email this morning. Are Philippine merchants/malls missing a great free advertising tool by email?


Why couldn't Philippine Department stores, or Malls have a similiar online email every week for their  promo customers or those that enter its many promotions that  collects names and email addresses?  A valuable free tool is not being used here by most Philippine Merchants. 

The wish list
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Robinsons Appliances Philippines has 32 inch LCD TV for 27,995 until end of November with free gift


DIY shops have 20 inch LCD for P10,744

Also check out my blog on LCD TV prices in my blog

METRO DEPARTMENT STORES 32 JVC P25,998 until Nov 15, 2009

LCD TV 32″ until November 15, 2009

Best buys in LCD TVS Cheap Philippines Cheapest Price on LCD TVs Philippines



The Philippines has suffered a terrible weather problem with almost continous rain or cloudiness for the past few weeks.  But what I can't understand is why the buyers for SM, Robinsons, Ayala, Metro grocery stores can't find alternative suppliers for a temporary solution rather than having store shelves empty of red tomatoes.  In USA the buyers find supplies all over the world to make sure they meet customer needs.   What is problem here? If there is no stock in country then Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand or even South Africa or Mexico or South America must have supplies that can be flown in to meet the lack here of so many different vegetables.  If there is a source here in country it is not meeting the need for any I repeat ANY supermarket here in Cebu.  I assume Manila stores are suffering similiar lack of supplies.  The government should step in and relax the standards until the supplies return to normal and the buyers should use sources like I easily found by searching Australian tomatoes.  The customers want tomatoes and other vegetables and I assume the buyers could find alternative sources until this crisis is resolve as we get all kinds of other offshore dry goods, why not tomatoes and other vegetables?

A model for SM, Ayala, Metro, Robinsons to design the website and open new franchise Aldais


I often wonder why the stores here like Ayala, SM and Robinsons and lots of their tenants don't use the web more with most affluent shoppers here in the Philippines now having an active online surfing with places like facebook and even TV getting online.  Setting up a website or blog is so cheap and easy to change or update if someone in authority made sure it happened.  And customers would apprciate the ability to see complete lines of merchandise or specials for the week.  One store in the USA and many parts of the world is Aldai and I wonder why they have not surfaced yet here in the Philippines as they would be excellent for small store locations with only limited items but quality at a low price. 

The major malls and department stores should seek to better use the internet web sites and blogs to make better use of their large purchasing power and get online in a big way and possibly set up a new chain franchise with the Aldai chain.  It is becoming very very popular in the States with low overhead with 2 or 3 employees handling a whole store.  It would seem with people looking for a new viable franchise this would be an excellent service and money maker. 

Regardless, the major department stores here need to examine their online presence as the world changes and customers demand new and cheaper ways to market such as Aldai does so well with emails to customers weekly, sales online, and a good layout that the stores here could follow.  Even SM doesn't evan contact information anymore for each store online and their addresses and maps.  I think it is a major oversite that SM, Ayala, Robinsons, Metro need to address rapidly.  Read more how Aldai does it below.  Lets have all the malls online with the same information here in the Philippines......


the ALDI way: incredible value every day.

The ALDI way of shopping has been continuously honed and refined since our first store opened in Southeastern Iowa in 1976. Committed to bringing food to customers at the lowest prices possible, our early stores set up shop in small spaces and introduced shoppers to the select-assortment concept, carrying only 500 select brand products. Compared with other supermarkets, our stores seemed tiny. But ALDI found a niche with Americans hungry for real value, and the chain grew rapidly.
Over time, more products were added, including more refrigerated and frozen foods. ALDI also began experimenting with Special Buy items, to great success. More recently, Sunday hours were instituted, and ALDI began accepting debit cards.
Today, there are over 1,000 ALDI stores in 29 states, from Kansas to the East Coast. And today’s ALDI store carries about 1,400 regularly-stocked items, including fresh meat, and, in certain locations, beer and wine. Though the original ALDI concept has been modified somewhat to accommodate our ever-changing tastes and preferences, the core concept remains: “Incredible Value Every Day.”
Special buys
Index of web links for Aldais
1,000 stores and growing!

All around the country, ALDI continues to grow!

Thanks to over 18 million loyal customers, ALDI is proud to be celebrating the opening of our 1,000th U.S. store! At a time when other retailers are cutting back and the recession is deepening, we continue to build new ALDI stores – now offering Incredible Value Every Day in 29 states nationwide. And this exciting 1,000th store in West Haven, Connecticut brings our common-sense solution to even more value-conscious consumers, just like you!
For over 30 years, ALDI has been offering grocery shoppers high quality products for a fraction of the cost – without having to buy in bulk. And now more than ever, we’re giving you more ways to save – without compromising quality! When you shop at ALDI, you can always count on finding products that are consistently equal to or better than the top national brands in quality and taste, for up to 50% less than at traditional grocery stores. And our Double Guarantee ensures it! In fact, you can find almost all of the items you need for your weekly shopping list at great ALDI prices every day – including staples like fresh produce, milk, bread and eggs. Helping you save an average of $115 a month on your family’s grocery bill!
Come see for yourself. Click here to find a store near you.
Or to get the full scoop on our 1,000th store, click here to read the press release.
SM, Ayala, Robinsons malls, Metro malls

Europe vows to liberate online shopping, what about shopping online in the Philippines?


My comment:  Here is the Philippines the merchants are losing a valuable opportunity to sell online as few do such a business.  There is an increasing number getting online everyday and its a cheap way of advertising too.  Even stores like CDR King which is always out of many items, would be an excellent candidate for such an expansion with pent up demand all over the country.  And Island Souvenirs also does not seem to recognize the world wide potential of such world wide sales.  And the Hong Merchants who sell on ebay should open a local stocking outlet since the non brand batteries cell batteries sold in country are mostly junk and don’t last good like the original brand and yet my experience from USA and Hong Kong batteries off brand, they are just as good and even if you can ever find any batteries in stock for your cell at CDRKing they are good not like the off brands sold at the stalls you find everywhere here in the Philippines.  And there are lots of other items that would be easier to sell online with good delivery services like LBC, DHL and others here in country. Payment remains a sticking point so meet ups still might be the best way or payment after receipt like Globe is now offering although I don’t know how well it works.  But if its a big reliable company it should be easy.  Why not even sell LCD TVs online for local pickup from SM Appliances or Robinsons or Abensons?

Great time for US consumers: America is on sale, take note SM, Ayala, Robinsons


There has never been a better time to be a consumer. America is on sale. So not only bargains can be found in Philippines Bargains but also in the USA. Merchants here in Philipppines take note. LCD prices are still cheaper on sale in America but they are slowly coming down here in Philippines too.

Prices on everything from clothes to coffee to cat food are dropping, some faster than they have in half a century. Items rarely discounted — like Tiffany engagements rings — are now. The two biggest purchases most people make — homes and new cars — are selling at steep price reductions.

“This is the new normal,” says Donald Keprta, president of Dominick’s, a supermarket chain in the Midwest, which just cut prices by as much as 30 percent on thousands of items. “We aren’t going back.” Read the full complete article here

Check out some Philippine buys on LCD tvs as low as 8,999
Makro has some good buys on LCDs but often run out of stock. Just click the link below and then click nonfood on the left and then use the next arrow on the top of the screen to scroll through the current offerings which change every two weeks. Currently as of Sunday October 4 they have a Matrix 22 inch LCD for 11,999 pesos and a 32 inch ChongHong LCD for 24,990 pesos which is cheaper than Robinsons and SM Appliance but I have seen them even cheaper at Makro so check their Makro mail online to see what the current offerings are  click these links

LCD TV Best buys in the Philippines

And in the USA 42 inch only 28,500 pesos
9144295 Front Large

  Dynex® - 42" Class / 1080p / 60Hz / LCD HDTV   (click the title to see the ad) Our Price: $599.99 (28,500 pesos wow Best Buy in USA)
Wonder why if we are closer to Asia we can't even have a cheaper price?

Robinsons Place opens today in GenSan October 2009


FINALLY, after years of waiting, the biggest mall in General Santos City is set to open today.
Robinsons Place formally opens its doors to the public with celebrations featuring fun, games and surprises with known personalities from show business and local business establishments in this region’s newest shopping destination.

The event, to be attended by the bigwigs of JG Summit Co. (JGSC) including founder John Gokongwei and family, will also feature show-business personalities like Dawn Zulueta, Donita Rose, Christian Bautista, Yasmien Kurdi, Derek Ramsay and Iza Calzado. Local political and business personalities are also expected to grace the occasion.

Robinsons General Santos, the third and the biggest Robinsons mall to date in Mindanao, is operated by Robinsons Land Corp., a subsidiary of JGSC. Two other Robinsons Place are in Cagayan De Oro and Davao City.

Danilo Camat, group property manager for Mindanao of Robinsons Land Corp., said Robinsons GenSan has a floor area of 4 hectares that sits on an 8.5-hectare property acquired by the company in the 1990s.

GenSan’s newest shopping mall will generate 300 direct employment opportunities for city residents, while around 1,500 will be indirectly employed through the number of business outlets in the mall.
“We aim to become a multicomponent store where you will find what you are looking for under a vibrant and breezy atmosphere,” Camat said, in an interview with the press during the mall’s soft opening on September 30.

Camat added that with the opening of Robinsons Place GenSan, local residents will not have to go to Manila, Cebu or Davao to experience a world-class shopping convenience.
“Basically all the stores and attractions in other Robinsons malls in other areas are here in Robinsons Place GenSan. But, of course, we added a local touch by tapping homegrown stores to add local flavor to one’s malling experience,” Camat added.

Robinsons GenSan will also feature state-of-the-art technologies from its cinemas to its restroom facilities.

Camat said “male urinals will use a waterless technology and restroom faucets will be sensorized to give shopping patrons the utmost shopping convenience.” Article source

Malls are a big part of life in most large Asian cities.


img_3625.jpgRobinson Mall
Malls are a big part of life in most large Asian cities.
Walking around in these huge air conditioned buildings is a great way to escape the heat or rain and huge crowds gather in the evenings and on weekends to eat at the food courts.
img_3605.jpg Name brand clothing tends to be quite expensive and the food courts are not all that cheap either.
Some of the Japanese and Korean Restaurants have good seafood but a lot of it is deep fried.
The food courts seem to be in a competition for who can get the “Most MSG Award” but they are a big hit with the local crowd.
img_3609.jpgDigital photos shops can print a bunch of pictures in less than a half hour.
It is a nice gesture to get some made up for some of the people that you have photographed that would otherwise never get a picture of themselves.
img_3620.jpg I am not really a mall person but it is easy to see how some people can spend the day there.
Music blares from the shops and the sheer volume of people can make it very loud.
Go the original posting here

Mall locations


Just click the links below to read more about the individual mall

Robinsons is a brand of JG Summit Holdings, one of the largest holding companies in the Philippines. Robinsons is the second largest retail chain in the Philippines.

Name Year Opened Gross Floor Area Location
Robinsons Galleria 1990 216,000 (under renovation of West Wing) EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Robinsons Place Manila (also known as Robinsons Midtown Mall) 1997 239,672 M. Adriatico Street (formerly Dakota), Ermita, Manila
Robinsons Place Bacolod 48,000 Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Robinsons Place Imus 1998 65,000 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Tanzang, Luma V, Imus, Cavite
Robinsons Place Cebu 2000 18,000 and under planned expansion Fuente Osmeña, Barrio Capitol, Cebu City, Cebu
Robinsons Town Mall Los Banos 10,000 Lopez Avenue, Batong Malaki, Los Baños, Laguna
Robinsons Place Metro East 2001 121,000 Marcos Highway, Brgy. Dela Paz, Pasig City, Metro Manila
Robinsons Place Iloilo 78,000 Quezon-Ledesma Street, Rojas Village, Iloilo City, Iloilo
Robinsons Star Mills Pampanga 62,000 Olongapo-Gapan Road, Barangay San Jose, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Nova Market (formerly Robinsons Place Novaliches) 59,000 Quirino Highway, Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Sta.Rosa Market (formerly Robinsons Place Sta.Rosa) 2002 38,000 Old Nat’l Hi-way, Brgy. Tagapo, Santa Rosa City, Laguna
Robinsons Cagayan de Oro 18,000 Limketkai Complex, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental
Robinsons Place Dasmariñas 2003 originally 38,000 plus an annex of 36,000 making a total of 74,000 Aguinaldo Highway corner Governor's Drive Barangay Sampaloc 1, Dasmariñas, Cavite
Robinsons Place Lipa 37,000 plus an annex of 23,000 making a total of 60,000 Mataas Na Lupa, Lipa City, Batangas
Robinsons Place Cainta 2004 31,000 Ortigas Avenue Extension, Cainta Junction, Cainta, Rizal
Robinsons Place Angeles 30,000 McArthur Highway, Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga
Robinsons Place Metro Bacolod 18,000 Barrio Tangub, National Road, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Forum Robinsons (formerly Robinsons Place Pioneer) 56,000 EDSA Corner Pioneer Road, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Robinsons Place Tacloban June 2009 33,600 + 5,000 BPO Bldg./Hotel National Highway., Tabo-an, Marasbaras Tacloban City, Leyte
Robinsons Otis December 2007 11,000 Guanzon St., Paco, Manila
Robinsons Luisita (formerly Plaza Luisita Mall) October 2008
McArthur Hi-Way., Luisita, San Miguel, Tarlac City, Tarlac
Robinsons Cabanatuan November 2008 18,000 NE Pacific Mall KMIII, Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
Robinsons Cybergate Davao May 2009 14,000 JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City, Davao del Sur
Robinsons Place General Santos October 2009 32,700 J. Catolico Avenue, Lagao, General Santos City, South Cotabato
Robinsons Place Ilocos Norte (U/C) Grand Opening: August, 2009 30,700 San Nicolas, National Highway, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
Robinsons Place Dumaguete (U/C) 4th quarter 2009 to be announced Dumaguete Business Park, Brgy. Calindagan, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Robinsons Place Tagaytay (soon to open) Tagaytay City, Cavite

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